GK Took Part in the Tokyo Designers Week 2010

GK Took Part in the Tokyo Designers Week 2010
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GK Tech produced the contents for the exhibits by
Fujitsu Design in the Tokyo Designers Week 2010 held
in Tokyo from October 29 to November 3, 2010. The
exhibition consisted of four installations under the
theme of “borders.” In the poster at the entrance,
letters and the shadows of flowers moved. In the
second installation, when a visitor opened a flip
animation book, pictures in the book popped out.
When a person approached the third installation,
birds came out from the frame of the monitor to the
walls. In the last, when a visitor applied a flyer
distributed at the entrance to the musical score on the
wall, then various animations appeared to the music.
We aimed at presenting unexpected contents that
would jump out of the border.