helmet_web   GK created these brand specific helmet graphics for two of Yamaha’s most important U.S. market segments.   The Blue and Silver “R” series helmet brings a style straight from the racetrack. The design draws on Yamaha’s race team livery, with a strong dose of techno influence. GK incorporated the use of line screens throughout the design to create a sense of movement and a light weight feeling, the screens blend with large blocks of color to make a bold and powerful look that evokes the shapes of a race circuit. Distinct Yamaha branding is integrated into the design for that final touch of quality. Power sports customers often select garments and accessories that complement their machines; this high quality helmet and branded graphic should be a popular choice for Yamaha sports enthusiasts. Final     Star brand helmet   The cruiser lifestyle combines a culture of artistic expression and common sense function. The mixtures of these two diametrically opposed ideas have created a style, which constantly reinvents itself. Our Star brand design follows this cruiser philosophy by contrasting a tough looking Flat Black base color with a sophisticated Champagne graphic. The simple stripe graphic has a timeless beauty.   Star helmet couple   STR-14HLE-BK_2   Packaging   GK also provided the design for packaging of each product.   Helmet_box_D   Helmet-box-2D-C'     Untitled