Project Exos

Project Exos is a proposal based on a balanced approach to the management of our water. As with any of Earth’s resources we should enjoy the use of them, as well as take an educated view of their protection. Exos is a glimpse into what could be ahead in underwater technology and the culture of water. The Exos mask features three distinct areas: How it fits, communication, and it’s form language.



Surface Development 1

After sketch approval we used the drawn data to create our CAD surfaces. We used a generic male head as our base for the surfacing, and from there laid pilot curves then lofted in between those to get our final surfaces. All the while checking our surfaces against our mannequin to ensure best fit and maximum effect.



3D Printout

After approving the final model, we prepared our surfaces for output to 3D printer.

This was our first experience; the technology has progressed to the point we could do a dry-run of the printing process to make sure our parts would output correctly.

Data generation and prep was done completely in-house at GKDI.




After “printing”, our parts only needed sanding and in the case of the clear pieces some polishing to achieve a presentation-level finish. The lens and mouth pieces were sent out to a local model maker for output as clear parts.

At the same time we began making the stand to present our mask at the IDSA/ICSID World Conference 2007.




Beauty Shots

After the show we commissioned photography for the mask to be used for future media.