Tsunagari Project Geo-Cosmos, Geo-Scope National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

GK Tech

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of its foundation, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation released the “Tsunagari Project” for a new type of understanding of the earth on June 11, 2011. The symbol exhibit (Geo-Cosmos) shows the earth as seen from the cosmos. With its overwhelming size and display device, it clearly shows the changing figures of clouds and other scientific observational data. The (Geo-Scope) is an interactive display board in which observational data on the earth collected from Japan and other countries are stored. A visitor can operate the touch panel to see data according to his/her interest and knowledge.


Light emitting device: Organic EL (10,362 96-mm square panels)
Size: 6m in diameter (approx. 1/2 millionth of the earth)
Weight: approx.13 tons
Pixel count: more than 10 million pixels
General producer: Dentsu,
Organic EL display system: Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Video system: Go & Partners, Inc.
Spherical object design and production: GK Tech
Photo provided by The University of Wisconsin SSEC.