Subaru Wind Turbine 80/2.0

Wind Turbine Design for Fuji Heavy Industries

This streamlined wind power generator’s form which was developed completely within CAD modeling software, is suggestive of an elegant white aircraft. It’s shape is derived from the relation between wind power and it’s internals which convert the wind power into energy.  With a blade diameter of 80m the SUBARU 80/2.0 is a large-scale turbine designed to generate up to 2,000 kW of electricity.
This particular wind turbine design has a rotor in the rear, this system is called a “downwind rotor” and is the world’s first ever large-scale commercial generator put into production. The downwind rotor makes good use of the updrafts of wind blowing up from the ground.


These turbines are presently installed in the Kamisu-shi Ibaraki,  Omaezaki-shi Shizuoka and Yura-machi Wakayama prefectures located in Japan which face the Pacific Ocean in order to get a strong onshore flow. They have survived the big earthquakes and frequent typhoons typical of Japan with no appreciable drop in service.