Yamaha ATV Raptor 700

This is the second-generation design of Yamaha’s most powerful ATV and off-road icon, the Raptor 700.

The concept of the Raptor 700 is “High Power-Entertainment.” This machine is meant to appeal to the customer who loves the excitement of a powerful machine. The emotional aspect of power is one of the key aspects of the design, but we didn’t want the Raptor to be an overgrown one-dimensional machine; the Raptor had to have a combination of power and intelligence. With this concept in mind GK developed the direction of “Wicked Power”; this idea was a combination of the disparate elements of high power with an aggressive attitude. The concept came to be represented by a Black scorpion; this amazing creature possesses all of the qualities we defined: a muscular shape, dramatic pose, and wicked attitude.

The basic shape of the raptor begins with its dramatically crested silhouette and steep grill profile; this contrast of a high peak and steep drops in the center section sets the foundation of Raptors aggressive design. The stance has an attacking posture with its nose down and high rear fenders expressing explosive kicking power. The front fenders are pulled back in a tense muscular form as if ready to lunge forward. The floating headlights peer from beneath the body in what we call “evil eyes” creating the wicked face of the raptor. To echo the angle of the evil eyes is a front chevron shaped intake, which terminates in a poisonous tip, this theme is carried into the edges of the front fenders to give the raptor its evil look. The Raptor won many awards from the ATV press in 2005 when it was introduced and has gone on to become an icon in the off road community.



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