Yamaha ATV YFZ 450

Like it’s two-wheeled sibling the YZ450, the YFZ 450R was created to be the best race-ready sport ATV available from a manufacturer. Building on the success of the first model released in 2004, the new YFZ was designed for the racer from the start. To go fast ATV racers lean and contort themselves over their machines for extended amounts of time. The YFZ was designed to maximize and enable a racers’ movement on top of the machine and allow racers to use a  complete range of motion on their machines as they bump wheels with the competition. GK called this idea the Humachine Concept, a melding of man and machine, which drove the functional design of the ATV. The ATV’s styling design was also developed to convey a sense of purpose along with Yamaha’s trademark expressiveness.


The YFZ is also notable for it’s use of patented Yamaha technology in the CF casting process used for the main frame. The main struts of the frame are CF cast for light weight; GK also designed the frame to complement the riders’ movement but also to highlight the potential beauty of the process.


The YFZ has notched up many victories and championships in it’s brief lifetime. Other manufacturers have since seen the potential and now also offer race-ready machines in their lineup.