Star 1300 Deluxe

04_VS1300_880x58714_V_Star_1300_Deluxe_Grey_A16_880 Extending the usage of a model is an efficient practice to maximize the value of a product. The Star 1300 Deluxe was developed for touring use, based on the standard V Star 1300. GK developed the additional fairing and hard bags to harmonize with the design and proportions of the standard 1300, while maintaining realistic function of the parts, such as wind protection, luggage capacity and even building in an audio system.   The shapes of the fairing and side bags employ subtle surface changes to visually reduce their size, the result is a bike that appears very light, manageable and easy to ride; values that are important to the 1300 Deluxe customer. 14_V_Star_1300_Deluxe_Grey_D1a_880       Untitled