Yamaha Snowmobile APEX/Nytro

GK Design has a long history of designing exciting snowmobiles; these three sleds are our recent work in this category.


Apex: The Apex is a performance trail snowmobile with a design inspired by the tension of a coiled snake; its upper fairing and “evil eye” headlights stare out from their crouched position ready to strike.


Nytro: The Nytro is an off trail performance sled, its low windscreen create a compact profile, and emphasize the muscular forms in the body. Melting ice inspires the headlights sharp reverse cut profile.

Phazer: This lightweight sled is patterned after Yamaha’s YZ motocross bikes; the minimalist design features a neutral seating position to allow the rider an easy transition from sitting to standing. The Phazer also features a reverse cut headlight shape as well as a “stinger” style center exhaust layout.

2006 Snowmobile of the year. SnowGoer Magazine.