Yamaha Sport Boat

Yamaha-AR240-1.1 SB 240 series Building on our previously successful re-launching of the 24-foot platform, we refined and built on the concepts that had come from our work in those earlier times. The 24-foot boats embodied a refinement of the design themes that had guided our previous work with Yamaha sport boats. Since 2010 Yamaha Sport boats have had three core styling design themes. First is the “Fastback” concept. The “Fastback” silhouette of the vehicle is the imaginary line that runs from the top of the windshield off the stern of the boat in one smooth sweeping line. Second is the graceful shear line-the shear line is the black trim line bisecting the hull and the deck. This line is key to defining the character of the boat by the viewer. The last is the “Dynamic Wedge” of the hull. The hull is as high as practical relative to the stern to give a feeling of majesty and of strength cutting through the water.  A delicate balance had to be struck to keep the overall height low (sportier) and having too high of a beltline (luxury).  

The interior was designed with two essential concepts in mind. The first was Customer comfort, which took the form of optimally considered cockpit heights to balance good sight lines and seating comfort. The wall height of the 24′s was tested at scale to confirm the best balance of open-air feel and cushion size for comfort. The driver’s helm was mocked up several times to nail down the perfect blend of ergonomics and styling. The wrap-around helm of the 24-foot boats is designed to give the driver the best driving experience and best ease of use for the most enjoyment. The second concept behind the Interior was versatility. As an entertainment vehicle a sport boat needs to accommodate many different uses like fishing, swimming, cooking out, and wakeboarding to name a few. The 24-foot boats enable this with many storage options and capabilities designed into the deck for the end-customer. Features like multiple speaker locations through the cockpit and in the stern, as well as strategically placed accessory attachments enhance the customer experience.

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