Star Motorcycles Raider

Motorcycle design for Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (2007)

The Raider is Star motorcycles flagship custom cruiser. It’s design is loosely based on chopper styling with a raked front suspension, tall 21inch front wheel paired with a wide rear tire to establish a wicked foundation. The design blends three key elements; “Take-off Movement,” “Black Art,” and “Rider Attitude.”


Take-off Movement  Beginning at a tangent behind the rear wheel, the lines of the body climb in a vector inspired by the lift off of airplanes, this dramatic angle gives the Raider a graceful but powerful expression. Careful consideration of open space around the engine and visually compact areas give the Raider a contrast of balance and dynamic feel.


Black Art  The detail design of the Raider expresses elegant forms with menacingly sharp edges such as those found in swords and ancient weapons. This style is intended to bring a high level of quality to the component parts such as the wheels, rear fender supports, meter panel, and other metal parts. This elegant style is as much about art as it is function.


Rider Attitude  The Raider was designed with the rider position as an integral part of the design. The low notched-in seat, high handlebar, and forward foot positions combine to create a riding posture with an attitude to match the Raider.©2007