Sport Boat Development Case Study

GK works closely with YAMAHA for sports boat styling design, color and graphic design. GK’s goal in this project was to enhance a products’ appeal, in not only it’s styling but also in it’s usage. We carefully analyzed the customer’s needs and requirements and using that data we considered what we could create for YAMAHA to best meet their customer’s expectations.

From initial idea sketches all the way to production release; we went back and forth many times working tightly with YAMAHA personnel to ensure the best end result.

After deciding the direction with sketches, we moved to 3D CAD styling for initial form studies which included 1/1 size model ergonomic check with vendor. Color & graphic work also gives a great value to expand the products’ appeal. By comprehensive understanding of overall C&G trends and the target customers, we created appropriate color & graphic designs for each model that made an attractive variety for the total boat line-up.